My brothers in politics at the invitation of the Bandaranaikes – President

posted on: 1-12-2014

Daily News -December 1, 2014

My-brothersMaking reference to the talk doing the rounds in the Opposition camp about a Sahodara Samagamaya – Company of Brothers’, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that his brothers are in politics today as they were fielded by the Bandaranaikes and chosen by the people of this country.

“I did not drag them into politics or give them nominations to contest as some claimed. Yes, I only got down Gotabhaya during the internal strife.

“There is a valid reason for that choice. I needed someone as Secretary to the Defence Ministry in whom I can place my trust and confidence to end LTTE terror,” the President said.

The President was addressing members of the Fiscal Officers’ Union at Temple Trees on Saturday.

President Rajapaksa pointed out that his brother Minister Basil Rajapaksa received nominations to contest the 1977 elections.

“Basil, Chamal and Nirupama received their nominations to fight elections, from late Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike as the leader of the SLFP,”the President said.

The President said that Basil was Vice Secretary of the SLFP Youth Organisation after the 1977 General Election. SLFP Leader Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Vijaya and Chandrika Kumaratunga along with a group of SLFPers voted him to that post. Nirupama Rajapaksa was also their choice and she too received nomination to vie for the election.

“The UNP when it wants to achieve its goals, drags the members of the SLFP and this is a fact that one could see perusing the past carefully. Only a few SLFP Secretaries remained with the party without crossing over. Those who left the SLFP belonged to a certain social strata,” the President said.

“Chandrika wants to show her anger and hatred and do what Ranil Wickremesighe cannot do. The person who crossed over this time did so to do what Ranil cannot do. The crossing over was Chandrika’s plan,” the President added.

“They are talking of scrapping the Executive Presidency once they win. But, they know very well that they cannot win this election. Those people who are backing this individual know well that he cannot win. It is because of the Executive Presidency, that we were able to wipe out terrorism from the country. The Executive Presidency can be scrapped with a two thirds majority in Parliament,” the President said.

“It is only I who could do that for I have the two thirds majority in Parliament,” he added.

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