Speech of the Hon. Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa at the International Ozone Day Celebration 2012

posted on: 30-10-2012

Honourable Ministers, Excellencies,Distinguished Guests from the Ozone Secretariat, UNDP and UNEP Delegates,Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasureto be among you today on the occasion of thecelebration of International Ozone Day 2012. On behalf of His Excellency the President, the Government and the people of Sri Lanka,I congratulate the Montreal Protocolfor passing 25 years of successful and commendable history.

We are aware,that Sri Lanka has a rich traditional knowledge and wisdom in the conservation of nature and natural resources. Religious beliefsand culture of our ancestors compelled them to treat the nature and environment sacredly without harming them.

The world has travelled a long way on the path of progress and industrialization in order to achieve a better quality of life, and in the process due consideration had not been given to the impact on nature and the environment.More market – based economies and liberalized trade have undermined environmental goals.Globalization, including trade liberalization, has undoubtedly led to environmental crime and finally to today’s sad situation.

The Montreal Protocol on substances that depletes the Ozone Layer which has achieved Universal ratification dedicated extraordinarily is an excellent example of showing value of the remarkable contribution of the whole nation to the world for the protection of ozone layer and eradicating global warming and climate change. This multi-lateral environmental agreement is one of the important mechanismsto reduceenvironmental threats,to sustainable development and human well-being.

The Montreal Protocol has encouraged its Membersto take effective action to control the use of chemicals that damage ozone layer. As an active Party to the all environment agreements,Sri Lanka uses every measureavailableto fight crime against our environment.I am very pleased to learn, that we have had some successin saving the ozone layer that protects life on Earth from dangerous radiation and its damaging consequences to human health and to climate change.

I am proud that the Ministry of Environment has shown the capability and potential as a member of the Montreal Protocol to act as a strong link of global network. His Excellency the Presidentin his manifesto “MahindaChinthana”strongly supports these kinds of collaborative initiativestaken by the Ministry of Environment for granting a better environment for generations to come.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the development without carefor the environmenthas posed threats to the very existenceof life itself. Therefore, development and environment should go hand in hand and sustainable development is the new paradigm.

In conclusion, I thank Hon. Ministers, HE the High Commissioners, Ambassadors and foreign delegates, government officials and school children for attending this internationally important event.

I wish our foreign friends a very pleasant stay in Sri Lanka.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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