The Hambantota Development Foundation

The Hambantota Development Foundation is a project chaired by the Hon. Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa. The main concept behind this project is the preparation of rural villages to cope up with the imminent massive development of the city of Hambantota.


  1. Livelihood development, educational development and creating a just society by improving every cultural facet of the society.


  1. Providing education, medical assistance, interest-free self employment loans, cost of living allowances and higher education allowances for children, parents and widows affected by the tsunami to enable them with a better tomorrow.


  1. To contribute to the alleviation of poverty in the district by providing individuals with interest-free small loans to help them start-up their own businesses and improve their livelihood

Given below are some of the activities conducted by the Hambantota Development Project



  • Providing preschool children with milk
  • Providing educational equipment and instruments
  • Providing sanitary facilities
  • Conducting child health clinics

School Education

  • Providing preschool children with milk
  • Conducting of English classes
  • Conducting of scholarship classes
  • Providing computer equipment
  • Providing of scholarships
  • Encouraging school dropouts to go back to school
  • Assisting the development of Sunday Schools


  • Providing medical facilities to children with birth defects
  • Providing medical equipment for children
  • Conducting maternity and childcare clinics
  • Conducting of family health clinics
  • Conducting of eye clinics
  • Providing malnourished children with a nutritious food pack
  • Creating awareness on epidemics

Livelihood Development


  • Advice and technical guidance
  • Training facilities
  • Providing of plants and technical guidance for home cultivation
  • Providing water and technical guidance for fruit cultivation
  • Providing seeds and agricultural equipment
  • Arranging field visits to agricultural farms
  • Help create relationships with the Agricultural Department\

Livestock Development

  • Advice and technical guidance
  • Providing of cows for milk
  • Providing technical assistance with regard to dairy products
  • Enabling veterinary assistance
  • Providing assistance for livestock development

Small Industries

  • Introduction of new technologies
  • Providing warehouse and storage facilities
  • Coordinating with institutes to provide loan facilities
  • Providing technical knowledge on presenting quality products and packaging to suit the market
  • Coordinating with various institutes and conducting trainings on manufacturing quality products

Vocational Training

  • Commencing Beauty Culture courses
  • Providing assistance to obtain driver’s licenses
  • Conducting courses for cultural artistes/performers
  • Coordinating and assisting children to enroll with technical colleges and vocational training institutes

Tsunami Aid Project

Children’s Programmes

  • Providing school equipment
  • Providing school uniforms
  • Providing class and transport costs for English education
  • Encouraging children towards English education
  • Encouraging children towards computer education
  • Providing scholarships for higher studies

Programmes for Adults

  • Providing of a monthly cost of living allowance for those displaced by the tsunami
  • Providing assistance for self employment
  • Intervening in organizational issues and assistance in sorting them out
  • Medical assistance to the sick

For Widows (Male/Female)

  • Providing of a monthly cost of living allowance until their lives return back to normal
  • Providing assistance for their children’s education
  • Encouraging them to begin self-employment ventures

Project Loans Programme

  • Project loans to alleviate poverty
  • Interest free loans on personal guarantee
  • Conducting training programmes on book-keeping and basic management principles
  • Starting up a circular loan scheme within the village
  • Creating self assistance groups
  • Continuous technical trainings depending on the requirement
  • Introduction to financial institutions depending on the growth of the business
  • Creating small sized entrepreneurs
  • Encouraging entrance to the wholesale market by improving quality of products
  • Creating opportunities for new customer orders through trade exhibitions

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